Jun 15
Stefan Höffken, Bernd Streich

Screenshot of the Nexthamburg mobile Application

In the analysis of new ways of interaction, the paper focuses on mobile participation (mPartizipation) and possibilities for civil engagement through smartphones. In the first part it outlines the changes in communication, based on mobile devices and social media tools. After a short overview about the merging of relevant technologies (GeoWeb, Social Media and Mobile Technologies) it defines the new mobile citizen and iscusses the “surplus of mobility” in participation. In its second part, the paper presents two real-world projects, dealing with this mParticipation approach. It closes with a analysis of chances and limits created through mParticipation. The Paper is connected to the author´s Phd-thesis about mParticipation and sums up the first results. The intention of the paper is to present the changes for urban planning, which are already happening. Out of that the paper gives an overview of new ways of participation, and questions the (negative and positives) consequences for urban planners and the administration.

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