Jun 15
Guido Kebbedies, Jan-Philipp Exner

Viewer Portal

Cross-border integration was and still is one key aspects of the EU. It is the focus of this study to show the efforts of a German-French border-region for a better integration and its use of geoweb based services by planners. One of the first projects in their new constitution was to develop a common, cross-border management for the commercial zones. The idea was, to create a technical platform like a portal that contains a coherent raw-dataset with centrally managed geodata and decentralized managed metadata. The homogenising data (same projection mode and the method of collection) is displayed on an “Administration- Portal”. This is only accessible for the communities and they are in force to insert their own data. The strong focus on elf-administration should aim for a better acceptance of such a portal and especially the way of working and collaborating. Hence, there will be not a typical top-down-oriented result because every member will be in charge of the quality of their own data and will feel responsible for it. In addition to that, a “Viewer-Portal” with possibility for data-request is developed to inform the population and investors and in a marketing purpose. Management of the commercial zones could be a first step to a more complex portal with all kind of different data that could be used by planners to develop new stategies for up to now unkown problems.

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